Serendipity means finding something beautiful without looking for it.

I had never thought of poetry as something beautiful and had always written poetry as a way to express and reflect upon my feelings. Sometimes, when I shared them with others, I was always surprised at the response – there was delight, intrigue, tears, smiles and empathy for those feelings. You see, the writer only does half of the work when writing. The reader brings along their own emotions and life experiences to the words and interprets them according to how they resonate with the reader. So It took me a long time to feel confident enough to publish those poems, but thanks to my mother’s encouragement, many are now published into a little book titled Serendipity. The book is available via Amazon and Kindle and will soon be in many good bookstores.

I hope you read and enjoy this little book. I hope it resonates with you too, as it explores a range of themes and emotions important in my life and probably in yours too.

I’d love to get your feedback too, so feel free to let me know what you think or to write a more formal review and send to me via the Contact Us link. Blessings to you!