December 23rd 2020.

After a year where I spent 110 days in lockdown due to COVID19 and focussed on my new book, Willliam said “Wow!, we emerged, just in time for the 

pre-Christmas rush.

Christmas this year has taken on a new significance and while I have so much to be grateful for, I’m also sad for those who have lost so much and lost so many loved ones. The world is not the same anymore!

So I look for the positives in life to help get me through the tough times. After all, the only real choice we have in life is how we choose to view it!

So here are a few positives that we can all celebrate:-

  1. We all became more aware of nature and the privilege of living amongst it
  2. We used our own cars less and electric cars and ride sharing became more popular
  3. Renewable energy became more popular, while fossil fuel consumption was reduced
  4. All countries became more aware of climate change and their stock markets were feeling the heat
  5. The oceans gained more attention as many countries sought to reduce pollution and prevent overfishing
  6. As the world stood still in 2020, we all caught a glimpse of a cleaner world!

So as we head into another Christmas, I thank you for all your support, wish you and yours a hopeful and peaceful holiday season and pray that you too, can find some positives in your life to focus on. 

May 2021 be a better year for us all!