Do you have a William? and is William a real boy?

These are questions that I am often asked. After all, many readers know that Leo’s Moon was based on my grandson, Leo with a view to make his world a better place and his future a little brighter.

But while I don’t have a William myself, William is indeed, a ‘real’ boy! 

He is the grandson of a friend of mine and our friendship is rather special as we have known each other for most of our lives and our parents and grandparents were also friends from childhood.  Family friendships spanning five generations!

I was lucky to see the impacts of grandparents on their grandchildren’s lives first hand, for his grandparents lived with his family and mine lived in the house next door to mine. 

While growing up, our parents worked and it was our grandparents that helped to raise us by imparting their knowledge, wisdom, experience, discipline and sense of humour! They definitely left their imprint on our lives!

They say “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Well perhaps not a village today, but those who have a relationship with a grandparent know that they certainly sprinkle a little stardust over the lives of their grandchildren!