Our Story

Your are the story.

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Meet Cinthia

I believe that “you are your story” and when you leave this
world, it is your story that remains.

Bambini Media is a part of mine!

In the middle of 2020, the year of the Pandemic,
Bambini Media was established with a foundation of hope to
create a better future for the world we all share.

As a former Primary School Teacher, I know that the future for
our planet and its people lies in the strong foundations and
values taught to our children and grandchildren today.
The values taught now will help form and create the workers,
innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

These values include environmental awareness and social
justice, involve skills of communication and problem solving
and their application means using attributes such as kindness
and compassion.

Having successfully published my first Children’s Picture
Book called Leo’s Moon (a story about a small boy who
wanted to make the moon happy again by cleaning up the
earth) in 2018, I set about establishing Bambini Media.

Bambini Media is a site that provides parents, grandparents,
teachers and librarians with books to help them teach such
values, while entertaining children.

At Bambini Media you can find:

  • A Bookstore to purchase books written with heart
  • Downloadable Resources for parents and teachers
  • Links to relevant and worthwhile resources and
    organisations and
  • A ‘Contact Us’ page for questions, reviews, feedback
    and the sharing of ideas.

As a child, my parents showed me the love and magic of the
world all around me and as an adult, believed that I could help
others see the magic too!

I want every book at Bambini Media to bring a sense of value
and empowerment to each child, whilst also acknowledging
the love and magic of childhood itself.

“Bambini Media – where magic happens!”

Cinthia Del Grosso