Leo’s Moon.

A wonderful story that reminds us how a ‘big idea’ can influence many people to work together and make our world a better place. Leo’s Moon is a beautifully written and illustrated book that will warm the heart of every child and every parent!


It was amazing. Leo’s Moon captures my children’s attention and has helped my children understand the impact of their actions on the environment. A difficult lesson to impart as a parent, I highly recommend.


I’d like you to know that my little Leo loves his Leo’s Moon book. It has pride of place beside his cot and we read it each morning and every night.


5 stars. I rate this story Leo’s Moon 5 out of 5 stars because it is a lovely and heart warming story!


I really liked your book. It was inspirational and I’m sure people are not inspired to look after the environment. Great book, great inspirations! Loved It!


Congrats to Cinthia Del Grosso on the publication of Leo’s Moon. Published by Austin Macauley, in paperback, hardcopy and ebook. For ages 4 – 8, and their parents and teachers. Leo wants to make the moon happy by cleaning up the earth. He comes up with a ‘big idea’ that reminds us that we can all change our ways and do our little bit to make the earth healthy again. Can be used by teachers and parents to discuss environmental sustainability, personal responsibility, role of community and connection to IT, with all age groups. Always a welcome topic – congrats again Cinthia!

Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators


5 stars. Leo’s Moon was a great book.

I liked how it’s about saving the planet and making the earth happy and healthy again. I give this book five stars!


We really enjoyed reading The Boy Without a Friend by Bruce Jassett, These Are My Faces by Bret J. Ludwick and Leo’s Moon by Cinthia del Grosso.

Now, these books aren’t crazy popular like other books and that is really what I liked most about them. When preparing for Kindergarten, a variety is best when it comes to reading. Just like you and I, children will have different tastes in books. My 5-year-old is on the more serious side and he enjoys books that are more realistic. My 4 year still enjoys the bright colourful books you find in every book section. That’s okay!


I think it’s wonderful to clean up the earth, that way we can all see the beauty. And in Leo’s Moon, it gives people great ideas on how to keep our world clean.


If we could view earth from Leo’s moon, we would say “wow” for its shear beauty from that vantage point. But to have a grandpa (or father) take us on a journey of wonder and awe, who shares the majesty and delicacy of the world we inhabit – that is true magic. The author’s father was that person through his camera’s lens, travels and generous spirit. So the legacy continues, from his daughter and great-grandchild giving us this view from the heavens. All I can say is “Wow!” and thank you.

Vivian Scanlon


Megan Pighetti

It was amazing “Leo’s Moon” is one of the most delightful books of our time.
It relays to the reader it’s very important environmental message in such a lovely way & the illustrations are wonderful. It’s my favourite gift for those with young families & I believe it belongs on everyone’s bookshelf.


It was amazing! My children enjoy this book, a weekly (or more) staple for a couple of years now. They are excited by the title before I even begin reading. The language is simple and easy to understand for young minds. It demonstrates the importance of the environment and how to help it. It inspires them to contribute, and they have.


Leo’s Moon is a charming book. I love how it is based on real life. I love how Leo truly understands how people are treating the earth and you know, if we all do something little to help, the world will become a better and safer place for us all.