Stella Couldn’t Sleep.

Love it, Such a simple, yet powerfull story, that is not just entertaining but, can also be used to teach the name of typical farm animals and their babies. it can also be used on Mother’s day, as well as teaching about love and families.


Recently I was asked to write a review on Stella Couldn’t Sleep. The front cover of the book immediately drew me in with its gentle illustration of Stella in bed surrounded by her animal friends. As you continue to read the story the illustrations depict the tender, loving connections between adults and their offspring. The colours in the illustrations are muted, gentle and engaging. 

The cadence of the language allows the reader to let the words flow over the audience, with younger children easily picking up the repetition of the chorus. It will be a book that will be a favourite on classroom and home bookshelves. 

The characters are very relatable which makes the reader and the audience want to find out what finally helps Stella get to sleep. An added bonus in my opinion is that the lead characters are female. 

A truly enjoyable children’s picture book which I intend to add to my grandchildren’s book shelf.

Marina Zakryszka
Retired Primary Teacher,
Former Literacy Leader
Primary Teacher of the Year 2008
Doting Nana to Arthur and Bridget.