William said, “Wow!”.

This is a truly special book. It’s a simple story, yet it’s filled with adventure, taking us on an exciting journey around the world, through its fantastic settings. But more importantly, it imparts deep truths and wisdom, and speaks volumes about the love of family.
Gloria Amici

Primary Teacher, Australia

‘William said Wow is beautifully written, bringing the wonders of our world and the magic of the connection between grandchildren and grandparents, together in a book to be shared and enjoyed.’

Paul Walsh

This is a book of layered storytelling, it’s easy to be caught up in the adventures of William and his Grandpa as they explore many exciting and exotic locations (even had me wanting to know more and googling a few!); but the underpinning message is that it is our shared experiences in life that bring enduring joy. The simple act of reading to a child is just one of these. A great story for many ages, I’ll look forward to reading this one to my four grandchildren.

Alison Hunter

This seemingly simple story has multiple dimensions. Superficially it teaches a little geography, environmental awareness and lots about communication and family, which is underpinned by that special love that spans generations.

The Wonders of the World is an ideal platform from which to convey some valuable life lessons; in this case from grandfather to grandson. But it’s also about the innocence, respect and excitement that children sometimes express more lovingly and candidly towards grandparents.

The children who read this book, or have it read to them, will no doubt enjoy the story but more importantly, absorb the feelings and values that are skilfully woven through it.

Thank you, from a grandfather who is now a little more optimistic about how future generations might build their future. Very well done!

Robert Rob