Nov 9 2020

Welcome to Bambini Media! I’m very excited to announce that my new website and new book – William said, “Wow!” are now launched and ready to go!


William said, “Wow!” is a story about the special love shared by children and their grandparents. Grandpa takes William around the world to see its wonders and teaches him life’s special lessons along the way. But the biggest lesson of all is that nothing is more wonderful than the magic of love!


We had a wonderful Launch Party on the 15th of November, with friends and family joining me through Facebook Live to share in the celebrations.


This year, 2020, has been a really big year for everyone. But for me, it gave me a chance to stop and think about what I wanted to do with my writing. This led to the creation of the Bambini Media website as my new publishing platform, developed by the lovely Maria and with resources prepared by Jess.


Time at home also gave me the chance to learn how to publish my own books, and for that I am ever so grateful to my Publishing Team – Julie, Amanda and Sophie, for their guidance and support.


I am also particularly grateful to Gina Szafner, who took my very rough sketches of what I thought the illustrations might look like, and turned them into beautiful works of art!

Grateful for the love and support shown by my husband, mum and brother, they made a great team, encouraging me and acting as advisors throughout the process.


Most importantly, I am grateful for the love shown me by my dad. November 15th would’ve been his 89th birthday. My dad could see the magic in the world around him and captured it through the lens of his camera and in his beautiful oil paintings. He believed that I could see the magic too, and could help others see it, by capturing it through my writing.


William said, “Wow!” is my first self-published book. But it won’t be my last!

I want my voice to be heard, to educate, to inspire and to bring joy to others. I believe that “you are your story” and mine has a new home now.


It’s called Bambini Media, and it’s where magic happens!